March 16, 2010

Declarative Style is My Golden Hammer

I was working on a little pet project recently, and I really was tickled when I wrote my unit tests like this:

  public class Given_a_HomeController

    private static HomeController controller;

    public class when_asked_for_the_index

      private ActionResult the_result;

      public void because()
      public void using_a_new_home_controller()
        controller = new HomeController();

      public void after_performing_the_index_action()
        the_result = controller.Index();

      public void it_should_return_a_ViewResult_for_the_Index_view()


If you can read through the test attribute decorators and the public void C# noise, the setup and the tests read like this:

Given a HomeController:
    When asked for the index:
            using a new HomeController
            after executing the Index action

        it should return a ViewResult for the Index View

It made me smile.

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