January 13, 2010

Oh no! It’s you Again.

So it’s January, and my New Year’s resolution was to suck less than I did the year before. My blogging, and my desire to blog have waned over the last year or couple of years. So, new blog; fresh start; time to rekindle the love of programming and creation of software in general. So in the spirit of my resolution, I’m committing to blogging again.

The old blog had to die. I was paying a nominal fee to keep it alive and entertain the 17 readers I had collected. The content attempted too much at times. I was put off from posting frequently because most of the posts were articles and not log entries. Some of the content was useful (to me at least), but it’s best to make a clean break.

The new blog is a place to store my eclectic bits of techie-software related nuggets. It will be more of a journal. Things I’m working on, as I’m working on them. I’ll try to post the whitepapers somewhere else (but probably not at all).

//TODO: Insert Blog Post Here

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